i've found the perfect 28x2 application!!!!!!!


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And of course that webpage is completely unrelated to the current date (April 1st)... ;)
could have let me get somone first... :D
it's ok
i got everyone a beuty today,
i convinced my father in law that his daughter in law was pregnant with twin girls again when they are just having 1 boy knowing full well she won't answer the phone because she's down the coast

i got the wife by changing all the clock dates two days ago and she didn't realise that it was april the 1st until 10am

i got my sister inlaw's entire workplace (local Mcdonalds) convinced that it was her last day at work (she clued to that one pretty quickly)

my wife got me by getting my 7 year old son to tell me i had a spider on my other sons head
the problem was that the time he chose to do it was while i was driving... not a good time for a mild heart attack
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