Is there an Editor for Windows CE?


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I have an old Sylvania mini Smartbook which really isn't good for much. It has Windows CE. If it could at least program a Picaxe that would be useful. PE5 wouldn't load, says it's not a valid WinCE application. Any hope at all?

Getting a USB/serial adapter to work is a challenge for another day. Gotta start somewhere.


Jeff Haas

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Erco, a better idea is to take that apart and see if there's useful stuff inside. Otherwise use it as a target for one of your robots. :)


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I'm not familiar with more modern CE versions but it might be possible to get things to run on it if you can find all the missing components a standard PC would have and get them on to it. Unfortunately I believe code has to be specifically targeted for the CE OS, and most desktop software won't be.

I would start with the command line PICAXE compilers, see if you can get one of them to run -


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you will probably be batter off going the Linux route for something that age. its the only way have gotten stuff about the same age to become semi useful in modern times.