Is there a good "high side" driver IC with 8 drivers?


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a "high side" driver IC with 8 drivers out there? (or 4 drivers, if that's all that's available?).
I use high-side switching to provide some decent source current to high power LEDs (Switching Anode volrages on/off etc).

I only need something that can easily drive 100-200mA etc, i don't need "Amps" lol

Currently i use a row of small p-channel mosfets, which takes a bit of board space, so now i'm wondering if i can neaten things on the board with a nice driver chip.
I often use ULN2803 for my negative (ground) switching to LED cathodes etc, so now i want the opposite chip for Anode switching.

Any ideas? part numbers? links?

Thanks in advance.


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I have used the UDN2981 is the past. Not as easy to get hold of but still available from "second tier" suppliers like Wiltronics in Melbourne.