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We are pleased to announce our new free Forum apps for iPhone and Android are now available. These new free apps allow much easier use of the forum on mobile devices, as the custom apps are specifically designed for use with smaller touch screen devices.

The apps support all the main forum functionality such as reading and posting to the community forums, blogs and articles. Advanced features such as search, personal mail and profiles are also fully supported.

  • The iPhone app is compatible with iOS 3.1.3+ (all iPhones from 3 upwards, all iPod Touch, all iPads) and is a free download from the app store (search ‘PICAXE Forum’)
  • The Android app is compatible with Android Operating System 1.6+ and is a free download from the marketplace/Google Play (search ‘PICAXE Forum’)
  • The Android app is also available for Kindle Fire via the Amazon appstore (search "PICAXE Forum")
  • The Android app .apk can also be downloaded here


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