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Last WE, we had to connect 15 labelled sensors and actuators to a board for a demonstration (old project).

The computer being distant, the lack of input/output table printing capability and the length of the table needed several screen capture, then the printing of each one. :(

As a new feature, a full table printing capability would be appreciated.


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Not a direct solution for the issue but within PE6, if you have defined names for pins in the Input/Output Table for Blockly, using Convert will create the Basic command representation of that program, and at the top of the conversion there will be a list of what names have been given to the pins.

That can be printed directly or copied and pasted to some other text file for printing.

I would personally have just grabbed a notepad, written down the pins which sensor used.

If doing a lot of projects it might be worth photocopying a pre-printed table of I/O pins against which the name of the sensor can be written in.


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Enclosed a picture of a worksheet to get a printed IO table.
IO table 2.PNG

I was unable to attach the corresponding Excel file? I tried 7z, but ...