Infrared with Java or VB.Net


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Is it possible to communicate via infrared from a computer to a picaxe chip? The manual doesn't say anything about it, using only tv remotes and other pixaxes as examples of transmitters. If it is possible, how would I go about doing this in Java or VB.Net (with a USB infrared port)?



IR is nothing more than a carrier for the signal so if you can control the transmit from the PC then the PICAXE can read the data with a suitable sensor. Much the same as a radio link. Bi-directional can be an issue though.
Have a read of this topic just a few threads down from here.
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Okay, thanks.
Possibly getting slightly off topic, but if I'm programming in VB.Net, how do I connect to the infrared port if it's USB? I saw on another thread how to connect to the serial port using the Microsoft Communications Control, but this isn't serial.


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It depends on how and what you want to send via IR.

For serial linking as per the linked post, the easiest way would be to use a USB-to-Serial cable then modulate/demodulate the IR for that just as one would for a physical serial port.

If you want to be able to send SIRC commands to be read by the PICAXE using INFRAIN / INFRAIN2, USB-to-Serial, serial into a PICAXE-08M, and have it use INFRAOUT to control the IR.