Importing Component Models

Happy New Year to all.

There's not much activity on this forum and I wonder how many have taken up the VSM product. Sufficient I hope to help with this post.

I would like component symbols for tricolour LEDs, both three and four lead, for schematics, simulation and animation. The library includes flashing LEDs but not any suitable for fade in/out sequencing. I don't have the expertise to develop them myself, although the task could be done with some forum help.

There are some componemts on the web which are .lbr files and which may be convertable to the .LIB format used by VSM. Two problem arise however; how to convert and how to add to the VSM library for which there does not appear to be an import facility.

All help appreciated.


Technical Support
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Here you are talking about a model that animates as well as simulates, so they must be created manually in VSM.
The best way to learn about animation is to 'decompose' an existing model e.g. LED or bicolour LED and then study the different symbols and the model properties.

We are preparing some tutorials about this.
Thanks Technical - look forward to that totorial. Is it your intention to include it with the January release or sooner?

Will you be providing a facility to enable users to upload the models they develop to a repository for use by all licenced users?



Technical Support
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Yes on the tutorial, with the full release.
See the sticky post at the top of this VSM forum for information on how to share models.