Importing 3rd party Spice models?


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Assuming that the model is a SPICE model and not a PSPICE model you can use it in Proteus.

You will need :

a) A schematic part.
b) The SPICE file or library to be located in the ..\models directory of your installation.

Basically, you need to add properties to the schematic part to tell it both which SPICE file is associated with the schematic part and to bind the pins on the schematic part to the nodes in the SPICE file.

You can simply type these properties into the Edit Component dialogue form for the schematic part (local edit) but it is probably best to do this via the Make Device command as the changes are then stored in the libraries for future designs (global edit).

The procedure is detailed in the VSM Help File under 'Using SPICE Models' but the necessary properties are summarised briefly below:

SPICEMODEL=FRED : where FRED is the name of the model as identified in the file.
SPICEFILE= MYSPICEFILE.CIR OR SPICELIB=MYSPICELIB.SML depending on whether you have a single SPICE file or a SPICE library containing multiple SPICE cards.
PRIMITIVE=ANALOGUE,SUBCKT : identifies the model primitive type.


In the SPICE model itself you will find a short list of SPICE pin names that looks something like:

Node assignments
* vinp
* | common
* | | vpos
* | | | vneg
* | | | | vout
* | | | | | gpos
* | | | | | | gneg
* | | | | | | | fdbk
* | | | | | | | |
.SUBCKT AD603 3 2 99 50 48 40 41 49

Place these names in the correct order. You must put in the same names as what you have named the pins on your schematic part but in the same order as above.

This is easiest understood with a simple example - this is what you would enter for the AD603 above :


Notes :
- Curly braces around a property typed in the Edit Component dialogue form serve only to hide the text on the schematic. Remove the curly braces if you want the properties to be visible on the schematic.

- Note that we have used SPICELIB instead of SPICEFILE here. I suspect it is more likely that you will find a SPICEFILE and so you should use that.

- The values entered in the SPICEPINS property are the names of the pins on the schematic device in the order that their equivalent node appears in the SPICE file as shown above.

It's nowhere near as daunting as it might seem...:)

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Thanks for the pointers. I created the device and linked it to the spice lib as you mentioned.

It seems to work, but when I create the reference design from the datasheet, I get a list of SPICE errors: starting with "d:zxld1350#001e:7: breakdown current resolve compatibility" and ending with "with too many iterations without convergence. "

I'm an absolute SPICE newbie, so if the solution involves digging and debugging the details, I'm outta here, but if you know of a quick fix, I'm interested..