Import .cad files from version 5 into version 6.


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I have files that I created back in 2011 into an old version that are ".cad". Impossible to search this forum because of 3 letter words are excluded, which seems odd. Can't search for PIC, CAD, OLD, stuff like that.
Anyway, I can open them in 5.5.6 which I just installed, but can't export them to a format that I can open in version 6.
If I am missing something, please let me know.


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In google search you can limit the search to a site, so you can search for 3-letter matches on the picaxe forum site: "cad site:"

But what type of cad files are you looking to open in PE5? I don't recall any discussion relating to that. Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like in PE5 when you open a ".cad" file?


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Logic programs ( .cad files ) were supported by PE5 but are not supported by PE6.

The best way to transfer legacy Logic programs would probably be to load them in PE5, use the PICAXE / Convert Logic to BASIC menu option, then copy and paste the program code into PE6.

Or just keep using PE5 for Logic programs.


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Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like in PE5 when you open a ".cad" file?
It's basically a visual logic design which takes inputs and creates output -

Click on image for a bigger view

In that example, the modern PE6 basic language equivalent would be -
  outpinB.7 = pinC.7 and pinC.1


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Here is the file open dialog, and one example. It isn't that complicated and I'm not sure if complete it has been so long. I recently had to recover from a PC disaster and wanted to get all of my source code back and verified for a project I was working on for classic video game hardware using an Atari 2600 Keypad controller (12 button matrix over 7 wires 4 x 3)
(Also, thank you all for replying so quickly!)



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Old .cad files are not supported in PE6. You can however convert to BASIC in PE5 and then open that BASIC file in PE6. Or redraw within PE6 in the newer PE6 flowcharting format.


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OK, thanks. I'll just start over from scratch, it wasn't that complicated. I do have .bas files that I think are newer working versions, but I like the flow chart for showing others. Just curious, what applications would I have used back in 2010/2011, was version 5 out? I can't find the actual applications I created it with, must have been on even older of one of my PCs.