illegal use of #define in VSM but ok in EDITOR?

Hello, i have been using #define to give practical names to many of the BIT variables of B0 that i use in my program like ON or OFF switches.
For example of how i use #define:
#define REPEAT bit7
#define NO 0
#define YES 1

if REPEAT = NO then goto main
My question is that this works in Editor with no errors but in VSM i get an error ''unknown symbol - REPEAT''
Am i doing something illegal or is there another way of giving a name to the many BIT variables of B0, B1, B2 and B3 that works also in VSM?


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VSM does not use the (optional in PE6) preprocessor.

The normal way to define those types of simple symbols is with the compiler 'symbol' command

symbol REPEAT = bit7
symbol NO = 0
symbol yes = 1