I2C interface with Net server


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I am trying to understand how the Net server interacts with a 28X. I have set up the sample on page 17. I have an LED on the RTS line and see the PICAXE send the high but I do not see a response from the PNS. Watching Debug and the web page, I see no changes in b0, b1, or b2.

Is there something I need to do to the PNS to work with the 28x, jumper settings?




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After much "chasing my tail" I have finally mastered the demo i2c sample program listed in the Net Server manual using a 28x1. I am not sure why I had so much trouble, particularly when I tried to interface the 28x2. Still not sure about this..
However, now that I am able so send data to the net server, I can start interfacing some of my PICAXE projects to it so I can monitor them remotely.

The challenge now is to master CGI scripting. I have tinkered with the default web page ( but would like to rewrite it completely. Note the incrementing of "cycle" and smok-liv.

I have attached my schematic and sample code.