I updated my website AGAIN for those interested


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Sheesh. I hope this isn't considered spam considering the number of times I keep posting updates. I'll try to keep em all in this thread from now on I hope...

Added an article on starting from scratch with the picaxe, and one for SPI itnerfacing with a picaxe.

They're both linked ot the main index page at

<A href='http://research.plistin.com/picaxe/' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>

or directly here:

<A href='http://research.plistin.com/picaxe/startup.html' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> Starting up

<A href='http://research.plistin.com/picaxe/picaxeSPI.html' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> SPI stuff

And while we're at it, lets get people to put links to thier own websites in this thread too! I know there are alot of them out there. Lets have it people!

--Andy P


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Only because you asked so nicely. ;-)
http://groups.msn.com/picaxe<A href='http://groups.msn.com/picaxe' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>


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Excellent writeup about SPI! This should go into the Picaxe Basic documentation, the section about shiftin and shiftout - very similar in application.



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Andy-a great &quot;getting started&quot; spiel, but can you slot in a few pix etc? All that text may turn off &quot; pictorial thinking&quot; newbies. Engineers of course tend to THINK graphically &amp; many envisage the magic of massaging the hardware (be it gearboxes or micros) while flicking thru' the instructions. To paraphrase 1970s &quot;Blazing Saddles&quot;, many have &quot;Instructions-we don't need no stinking instructions !&quot; approaches. It's the old pix tells 1k words for many youngsters too - Stan

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Thanks guys!

Will do on the pix Stan. I just gotta play with some layout and see what would go well where. I don't want so much that it'll end up taking a year for people on dialup to get everything down. Left ot my own devices I'd probably end up with a pictoral overview with a few captions! Any suggestions on that aspect would be greatly appreciated (what pix and where I mean).

I'll get to work on taking some pix tomorrow.

--Andy P

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