I need help to connect this Chinese stearing wheel

For folks to help you, you need to provide A link to the manual for your steering wheel.

However, having investigated connecting PS/2 devices such as touch pads to PICAXE myself some years ago I came to the conclusion that a BASIC bit bashed program is not fast enough.

The PICAXE chips do have PC keyboard commands that depending upon the data coming from the steering wheel may just work. But without a manual for connections and data flow details there is little chance.


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I am not familiar with the Playstation 2 or its controllers but I would guess -

DI, DO, CLK and CS is an SPI connection for the Playstation

BL and BD might be the clock and data connection for a PC

That leaves ACK which I have no idea about but, if a signal from the controller, you might be able to ignore it.

The place to start would be trawling through a search engine to see what you can find about Playstation controllers, their interfaces and protocols. There are probably projects which have done that for other microcontrollers.

It's probably easier to use SPI than the PC connection so I would look for those.


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Has this connections are the same of PS2 controller.
It would seem to be. The connector you are looking at in your photo has 11 connections, but as two are 3.5V that's really 10. A standard Playstation connector appears to have 9 connections, one of which is not used. There seems to be a good correlation if we take it that BL and BD is only for a PC connection and not used otherwise.

10 on board, minus 2 unused = 8, plus 1 unused = 9 on Playstation.-


ATT is Attention, which seems to be CS
CMD is Command to the controller, presumably DI
DAT is Data from the controller, presumably DO
CLK is Clock, and presumably CK

The only anomaly is the board connector shows 3.5V where the pinout linked to suggests a 5V connection.

The best way to confirm would be to find a Playstation connector, then use a continuity checker to see where wires on that goes to the connector on the controller.


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I had some success with a converter board that converted the PS2 into serial which was much easier for me to work with. If you search the following you might be able to find them -

Wireless Joypad To Serial Port Pinboard Adapter Board For PS2 PS3

Here is the thread where some great minds helped my feeble brain -