I broke my AXE027 cable :-( Can I repair?


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I broke the tip off the end of the stereo connector on my AXE027.

Can I simply 'chop' the end off and replace with a new stereo connector?

Before you all wonder how this happened.... I dropped the cable and then ran over the connector with the wheel of my chair. arghhhhh!

I have ordered a new cable but that will take a few days to arrive and I am mid project.....




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I dont see why not.

Although somtimes this type of lead uses a stranded wire re-inforced with nylon or other plastic, these can be a a pain to solder.


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I shall. I was not sure where the electronics were. Thanks.

Actually, I did expect some comments re my accident! :)


I thought only completely stupid things happened to me, but I can imagine that happening quite a lot...drop something, push back on chair to see where it's gone and run over it :(


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It might be possible and you have nothing to lose in trying.

Cut the cable a few inches from the jack plug then cut the cable open to work out which wire colour goes to tip, ring and sleeve using a continuity tester.