HYBRIO batteries


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Has anyone any experience of these ... ?


It may be used immediately after purchase without the need for it to be charged. Even if it isn't used for a year, it remains charged! [ 80% after six months, 70% after a year ]

HYBRIO batteries are rechargeable and can therefore be re-used again and again, in fact up to 500 times. HYBRIO batteries have a five year useful life and can be recharged in any NiMH battery charger.

It's a bit confusing because the packaging says "works in any charger" but the site says "works in any NiMH charger". The helpline said using a NiCd charger would be okay but I'm not sure the person I spoke to fully understood charging; they seemed to think all NiCd chargers could charge NiMH batteries but simply never said that because NiMH wasn't around when the chargers were made. To a degree that's true but it's not the full story.

http://www.hybriousa.com ...

The Hybrio comes charged and ready to use off-the-shelf, and can last up to four times longer on each charge than standard disposable batteries when used in high-drain devices like digital cameras, which means far fewer battery changes.

I had to laugh at the "can last up to four times longer" claim; only if not being used I would suggest, or by a redefinition of mAh. That such a claim would fall foul of UK 'misleading advertising' rules probably explains why the UK site doesn't state that.

I can see their appeal; handy when you need to buy a battery on the go and this is ready to use and reusable later.

It would be interesting to see a proper datasheet for the batteries but I haven't been able to find one. Anyone know where one is ?
These seem to be the latest fad in battery technology... Sanyo has been marketing their Eneloop batteries for about six months now...


Yep, been playing with them for about 6 months now.
6 months is not long enough to come any real conclusion because the only difference between Hybrio and/or Eneloop compared to regular NiMh is shelf life. Hence the ability to buy them ready charged.

The units I have are Mignon AA 2100mAh and gave around 1800mAhr at C/5 off the shelf.
Internal resistance seems a little higher than comparable capacity NiMh but otherwise behaviour appears to be the same.
They certainly hold charge over time MUCH better than regular NiMh but, only had them six months so cannot comment on the claims.

I would NOT suggest charging with a NiCd only charger if it uses delta/peak just as you should not charge a regular NiMh with a NiCd charger that uses delta/peak.
(please everybody, let's not go down that path AGAIN).
Timed constant current obviously is OK for any chemistry which is what many early NiCd chargers do. (not timed in many cases either)


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Just discovered Sony's Cycle Energy batteries in the local supermarket as well; same thing, more expensive but claim to hold 85% charge after one year of non-use and take up to 1000 charges. AAA are higher mAh rated than HYBRIO.

Haven't seen Sanyo Eneloop in the UK but there now seems to be a flood of these types now - well, two makes I've see so far ;-)

Must be gearing up for Christmas.