hspiout setup for output only (to PGA2311)


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Hi all,

I'm a bit confused - hope someone can help. I want to use SPI for output only. Do I need to connect the 'hspi sdi' pin (which is C.4 on a PICAXE-40X2)? I read that: "Due to the internal operation of the microcontrollers SPI port, a hspiout command will only function when the hspiin ‘input pin’ is in the expected default state".

But - I don't know what the 'expected default state' is. Can I leave hspi sdi unconnected, or should I tie it to ground, or what?




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This line from the PICAXE manual sounds like nonsense to me. They probably confused it with something else in the raw PIC datasheet (hint: MSSP slave mode SCK input), so I don't see a problem here.

But it is best to tie unused inputs to ground, including the hspiin pin, so they don't float about. I recommend via resistors in case they accidentally become outputs. Just my 2 cents.
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I want to use SPI for output only.
This is not an answer to what you are asking but the PICAXE can only handle SPI output OR SPI input as a master controller, by using the hspout and hspiin commands.

I spent many hours trying to get a 28X2 to work in "duplex" mode (send and receive in one command), without success. Also, since both hspout and hspiin toggle the clock pin, the PICAXE cannot be used as a SPI slave. I tried peeksfr and pokesfr to modify the PICAXE's SPI behaviour but the firmware always had the upper hand. I ended up using a PIC and writing the code in Microchip's C for both the master and slave.


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Did you ever solve your issue?

I am having the exact same situation, where I require to shift serial data out to drive a Texas Insts DAC7714.
For this device, the clock must idle high.
However for the lone 28X2 I got, while loading the program the firmware vB.3 gives me an error message indicating that: for Shiftout MSBFirst_H, this mode is not supported.
It supports Shiftout MSBFirst_L, but the DAC doesn't work as expected in this mode.

So the next thing to attempt is precisely the hserout command, but I also stumbled upon the same "expected default state" paragraph.