hserin in PE simulator


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I think this is more finger trouble than PE simulator issue, but here goes...

I'm making a project for RS-485 Pelco-D CCTV control. The relevant part is I need to transmit onto the multidrop RS-485 bus, and will use a simple transmission collision avoidance strategy. I've used hsersetup to listen to the bus - not interested in the actual data, just reception of something/anything. When I'm ready to transmit, I check hserin to read the buffer: if there is something in there, run a short delay and check again. If the buffer becomes empty I'll transmit ... imperfect but simple first-line collision avoidance. (The nature of Pelco-D traffic is relatively infrequent 7-byte bursts, so there is a very good chance of finding a gap this way)

To test my code I would like to simulate an empty hserin buffer - M2 part. When using the PE simulator, when the hserin line is encountered we get a prompt box for data input. For my 'no traffic' condition, I want to just cancel or X-close this box and leave the virtual hserin buffer empty. I'm using the common method of pre-loading a word variable with FFFF and testing to see if hserin changes it to a byte sized value (which could be 00FF).

I just can't make that work. X-closing the dialogue box results in variable being set to 0000, not left at FFFF as I hoped.
I suppose what I need is like 'simulate timeout', but that option is greyed out for simulator hserin M2 flavour.

sample code to try in simulator
#picaxe 14M2
hsersetup B4800_4, $00 ;
w0 = $FFFF ;
hserin w0 ;
if w0 = $FFFF then ' unchanged, no data in buffer
' here I would do my thing
' something in buffer, so just wait a bit
pause 50; ' don't care if buffer overflows here
endif ;
goto loop ;

If I have on some previous try put some valid data in the hserin dialogue box, that seems to get stuck in the buffer, and gets re-read even if I cancel the dialogue box.
Am I misunderstanding that hserin should automatically 'pop' the data byte each time it is read out?


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Closing the input box seems to send the previous data again, so w0 always ends up with a value 0 to 255. A work round at present is to choose a value you aren't interested in ( eg 0 ) and use that ...

#Picaxe 14M2
HSerSetup B4800_4, $00
  w0 = $FFFF
  HSerIn w0
  [b]If w0 = 0 Then
     w0 = $FFFF
  End If[/b]
  If w0 <> $FFFF Then
    SerTxd( #w0 )
  End If