How to Program a Picaxe to use a SFR04

Dom Collis

New Member
Can Anyone help me by telling how to get a pic to program so that it is able to use a SRF04 for Tech as i have tried everything but it doesn't seem to work and Programming Editor doesn't like most of the explames alreadly on and it not correct syntax so can some post how to get it to work with either a 08/08M/18A/28X plz it will help me a lot and picture will be even more helpful:confused:


Well, the examples DO work.
I'm guessing that you don't have the enhanced editor options set if you are getting syntax errors with example code.
View-> Options -> Editor -> Enhanced
Also, you need to select the correct PICAXE
View-> Options ->Mode (pic the one you are using)

Beyond that, you will need to be more specific about what is not working.
It is also very useful to know which version of the editor you are using and which PICAXE type and its firmware version.