How to Multiply PIN Toggles?


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Toggling a PIN to drive a stepper motor driver step pin is easy, but how can I multiply the toggles so that one PIN toggle = 10 toggles to the motor?


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I would use external hardware that used the PIN to gate an external/picaxe(?) source that provided 10 cycles during the gated (PIN) period.

The reason I listed "picaxe(?)" above is that Hippy provided me with a PWN / frequency output some time back that I gated for timing purposes.


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You don't say exactly what you are trying to do. If it is to use a single command in your code to cause the 10 toggles or pulses, write a macro containing multiple PulsOut or Toggle commands in it. Implement it in your program code with a single command Eg. Toggles (10)

Edit: Alternatively, use the PWM command which can send a finite burst of PWM (width controlled) pulses but these are at a fixed frequency.
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Concur with IWP that your description is not very specific/ precise.
10 toggles to a single pin or 10 steps with a sequence across several pins?
Also thinking that most simple stepper Motors have a repeating sequence of 4 steps involving 4 pins.
Thus ask the question why 10 steps?
If the code has a simple routine which always starts at the the same point there may be “jumps” in the motion at the start of each sequence.