How do I share customised / new VSM parts?

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If you have made a new VSM component model you may want to share it with others. It is probably saved on your local machine in your USERDVC library, but it is not good practise to share library files with third parties (as copying the library file will overwrite the third parties own models)!

Therefore to share a model on this forum:
  1. Click File>New to start a new default VSM design.
  2. Place the component model on the design.
  3. Click Save and choose an appropriate filename.
  4. Start a new thread on this forum entitled 'Custom xxx Model' (where xxx is the part name). Add the .dsn design file as an attachment to the post.
In the future people can then search for the phrase 'custom model' to locate the parts.

To download a model:
  1. Download the .dsn file and open it.
  2. Right click over the part and select 'Make Device'
  3. Click 'Next' to all the steps in the make device wizard, and then finally OK to save it into your own USERDVC library.
This process adds a copy of the part to your own library without affecting the parts already there.
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