how control cr servo with pwm?


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Can someone help me get started with some hints on how to control a cr servo with pwm? I want to use the ultra command for range and it conflicts with the servo command. I think that I may have been here before but can't remember..Thank you, JimS


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Hi Jims

I had similar problem with the IR and servo conflict,
I used the pulse out command to control the servo.
The values for left centre and right are listed for 8Meg frequency, you may need to experiment to determine the values required for you application.

Symbol SERVO3_Left   = 150
Symbol SERVO3_Right   = 350
Symbol SERVO3_Cent   = 260
Symbol Servo3           = b.7   'head turn ServoPos output

for b1 = 1 to 20
 pulsout Servo3 ,SERVO3_Cent
 pause 20