Home doen't stay available

When in the editor File, Home, Simulate, and Picaxe are at the top of the screen. Home used to aways be 'open' when in the editor unless some other option was chosen. Now when in the editor File stays highlighted, but not 'open'. I can click on Home to open it, but as soon as I perform an action or click on text in the file Home goes away again. How do I keep Home open?

The bear

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I'm using Win10, if Home is clicked, it stays active. File is dark blue & stays that way regardless.
Home disappears, if Simulate or Picaxe is clicked (Mouse).

Good luck, bear..


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I agree with Bear. I have PE6.0.8.7, Windows 10, and I use Picaxe workspaces. File is always highlighted, but is only active when clicked on. The others open when clicked on and generally stay. However, if you scroll the mouse (centre wheel or equivalent) when the cursor is over the ribbon or the tabs, the open tab can change (depending on which way you scroll). Scroll down goes right, scroll up goes left.


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This is standard Windows behaviour on ribbons - if you have accidentally minimised (hidden) the PE6 ribbon you simply need to click the \/ icon beside the help '?' top right. This feature is useful when working on smaller size screens.
The ribbon on my PE periodically minimises for no apparent reason. As Technical says, I click on the R.H. dropdown arrow and the ribbon restores for a few weeks until the process repeats. I'd rate it as a minor Windows 10 annoyance.
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