Help! What bulb type

Captain Haddock

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Sorry not picaxe related but cay anyone tell me what this type of bulb is called? Nothing I search for seems to show anything similar so wondered if there was a particular name for it.
bulb type.jpg
Edit: Or suggest a good 12v replacement, it's the lcd backlight.

Captain Haddock

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"Miniature axial filament bulb" would be my guess.
Top man Hippy! That starts the right images turning up, I'd tried various other descriptions and just kept getting leds and ccfl backlighting.
I knew there would be someone on here that would know what it's called. Thanks.


Festoon bulbs typically have metal end caps soldered to the wires and bonded to the glass.
That said the metal end caps can be removed.

Maybe an SV4 (4mm diam and 23mm long) could suffice.

Another option to to use a couple of high intensity output LEDs (12,000
MCd each) and a series resistor to control the current (and voltage across the LEDs)