Help Testing RF Modules


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I have been sent quite a few very nice 2.4 GHz 23dBm (100mw+) RF transceiver modules for testing & evaluation.
These are based upon the Beken BK2421 RFIC with an added PA. Range should be > 500 meters or more LOS with
a decent antenna. This is the INHAOS RF2400PA module.

The thing is that I am very busy with other projects now and can't spare the time right now to do the programming and testing.
I am looking for a someone who has some time to spare to write Picaxe code for these to make them "Picaxeable".

If you understand Picaxe SPI/HSIPI and Picaxe Basic in general and want to help out ... then here's my offer ...

I will send you a pair of transceivers and pay the shipping. One transceiver module will be 20dbm and the other will be 5dBm. You get to keep them forever. All I ask in return return is for you to post your working Picaxe Basic code in the completed projects area for others to use.

Note: I do not have any financial interest in this. I was simply sent a lot of stuff from INHAOS as a part of their "Awards Program".

If interested, then contact me by PM.