Hello - New to Picaxe's


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I'm an old programmer, well these days "Software Engineer" I have tinkered with electronics and little computers most of my life now (a lot of years) I recently release some free to make Picproto boards on Github and was asked if they would work with a Pickaxe and figured that would after looking at the pin assignments. I did buy a few to see and they of course did :) Now I have decided to play a bit with them. I am just playing a bit now but may do a quick little bot soon or some IoT addon support. For a programmer, I am just using a USB serial adaptor with a hexbuffer.




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Welcome to this forum... looks like you are on the way OK... Listings of basic commands can be accessed on the PICAXE link at the top of this forum page and will give you a good idea of how to implement your ideas in PICAXE BASIC...