HC-12 Programmer


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If you are careful, this makes a great programmer for setting up the HC-12 using a terminal program called Termite (free.)

What I mean by "careful" is the HC-12 module within this USB chunk is well soldered onto the mother board. The first unsoldering to do is at the antenna end. They've soldered a spot there to keep the boards in close contact. If you don't clear this end, then nothing short of brute force will separate the boards.

I solder-sucked the majority of the solder from the connector end, then I let the HC-12 drop off from gravity as I used a hot-air gun with a small nozzle to loosen the joints. I still caused one board trace on the mother board to lift off a bit on the mother board.

Since I was in a hurry :)D), I plopped two 3-pin female connectors with wires onto the mother board with hot glue (sealed one socket with hot glue as an index; you only need 5 pins.) I positioned the connectors so the HC-12 (of interest) could plug into the end of the motherboard and be accessible when the USB connection is plugged into the computer.

The Termite terminal program can be accessed here: Termite, a simple RS232 terminal

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