Have I stuffed my picaxe?


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Was having a bad morning and I accidentally crossed the V+ and 0V lines for a split second which sparked. Then, no action from the picaxe. I've got a 28X picaxe, what dammage have I done and is it fixable?



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Fixable? Not likely. If it won’t work with a minimal test circuit (LED flash). And your sure that it’s wired correctly, then it’s game over I’m afraid. Don’t worry. We have all done it. I can’t remember exactly how, but once, I blew a large section of an IC package apart exposing the silicon wafer. Could have had my eye out!


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Depends on what else you had connected to other pins. I think the internal input protection diodes can conduct large currents when power is connected the wrong way.

I plugged a 28X in the wrong way around recently and it worked OK once inserted the correct way (but I didn't have any inputs wired up). Phew! It was on a battery pack and I didn't get any sparks, heat etc.


They are VERY tough and if your power supply was batteries it will probably have survived. If you are one these "silly" people that uses an old PC power supply, then your lucky it didn't take your eye out and you're out of pocket.
Certainly worth spending 10 minutes trying to see if it is OK. If there's no life, then it's gone. It can't be repaired.


We've all been there dxb1.
As suggested above check it in its simplest form.
If you've popped it then:
A) You are not alone.
B) Lesson learnt and buy 2 next time.
C) Do this a dozen times and it makes a £200 TTi Bench PSU (WITH CURRENT LIMITER) look good value for money!

Was it a hairy bread-board?


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I have a bench top power supply with current limiting, its fantastic for R&D. None the less I've killed several dozen picaxes over the last 2 years. I've noticed its possible to kill a single pin and the rest of the IC seems to function. I've destroyed several pwm pins on the 08M in the last few days.



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haha, yeh I was using some adjustable power supply which I normaly dont use :( Just a bad day.

Looks as though ill be buying a new one.

Cheers guys