Have all the threads from the old forum migrated?


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I was in the middle of trying to obtain guidance / insight / assistance into how to get HSERIN working for my VMUSIC2, but the post seems to have been archived in #23 with a few of the more recent posts missing.

Are there still more in the pipeline coming over from the old to new forum?

Nice forum now, BTW!!



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Yes, the plan was to create the recent temporary forum, backup the old forums, migrate, go live with the new format, then import the temporary forum after that, which probably means 'soon'.

Michael 2727

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I noticed the Google Spider in here a couple of times,
mainly looking at the user profiles.
I hope they delete all of their links (pre this forum)
and do an update, as none of the old "PICAXE forum"
links will work anymore.
If I get SPAM I'm investing in a can of Spider Spray ;)


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Cool, I thought that might be the case. I've been meaning to get the final bits sorted out for my 3-yr-old son's VMUSIC2 player, but I've been doing 75h weeks at work and the family's been sick etc... so with the forum catching up old posts in the meantime it hasn't worked out too bad.