Grove LCD series compatibility


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I am not aware that we have tried it with Blockly as it is a recently introduced product.

The linked page does indicate that the colour controlling commands should be removed from any code, but it's not clear if that is essential or because they are just not needed.

Blockly currently initialises the RGB backlight controller so, without testing or investigating further, it's not easy to currently say whether that would be problematic or not.


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Please buy it and try it (we don't have one). If it doesn't work already we'll update Blocky in the next release so that it does work, it should be a very simple change.


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Thanks for your replies.

We are facing 2 problems :
  • we intended to buy 10 to 15 LCD soon to make custom training board around AXE300 to be used by students before June (see below)
  • the next update of software on the school network is not planned before beginning of 2020 (12 to 18 months period)
For the LCD side they say the library remains the same.

I guess we could find some workaround embedding basic code within a Basic block...

Included, a picture of the Grove training board. Any suggestion is welcome.