Getting High Amp Outputs


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I have discovered that the outs are very low powered.. :(
I have hooked up the 40x to a high power project board and can now feed in 12v to 4 of the outs. My question is, is the high voltage controlled by the darlington chip, or can I use a separate circuit based on mosfets to ramp up the power to any number of outs and run them all off a separate supply in otherwords create a larger version of the 18x high power board? I would assume its just a scaled up version, but if its too hard.. oh well...
Some kind of schematic with explanation would be nice.

outfoxed again...


It's all covered in the interfacing manual.
PICAXE controls power transistor, transistor controls current. High power side can be a seperate supply if you want but they must share a common 0v.
There are other methods and isolation is possible but get the basics first.


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Sorry, I was reading through all other posts today and found refs to the mosfets, then found everything I was wanting in manual 3. OOopss:eek:

I'll go away now and read everything from cover to cover..