Getting an Analouge Circuit to Control a Digital Circuit


I have been trying to get the analogue circuit as shown in the attachment ( circuit A ) to control the Digital circuit ( circuit B ) in order to have it going " on and off "
I was hoping that by replacing the output "High 1" with a "Procedure" of circuit B, to get it operational but that was not to be.
In the digital circuit pin 5 is the input and pin1 is the output. In the Analogue circuit Pin 4 is the input and Pin 1 is the output. Note the input at pin 4 must be activated three times before the output pin goes high.I have tried all different kinds of configuration. The best thing that has happened thus far is that Pin 1 went high and remained on.Any help in this regard would be most appreciated.



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The .PLF extension is for Flowchart files which can be opened and used with Logicator and PE6.

The attached flowchart waits for C.5 to go high and return low, sets C.1 high, waits for C.5 high again before returning C.1 to low.

That should work but because it is an 08M2 and C.5 is download Serial In activating the button is probably resetting the PICAXE. There needs to be a DISCONNECT cell at the start of the program to prevent that happening and, after adding that, any further programs / flowcharts will have to be downloaded by using the Hard Reset procedure.


Thanks for the suggestions Hippy after some doing it is working fine.Two heads is indeed better than one.
Thanks again