Gas Meter is Working. Information published to web!


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So far, with the help of the Forum, I am able to monitor gas usage and then publish the information as a graph.

The architecture to support this consists of the following.
Schulmberger Gas Meter G5 Model circa 1975
Picaxe 14m2 - this is MOST of the development work!
my Wintel server (Wintel)
A simple Google spreadsheet
A Google graph​

Schulmberger Gas Meter G5
This is a meter cirica 1975. It has a factory fitted reed switch which I connected by an RJ45 connector to the Picaxe.
The Picaxe monitors and counts the events from the meter. The Picaxe is connected to the Wintel server via a comms port, it is also connected to an AXE033 for local display. I will provide photos and code asap.
The WinTel server simply monitors the Picaxe data and sends my Google spreadsheet via a standard Google web service. This essentially add a new row of data to the spreadsheet ever hour.
I then present the information from the spreadsheet using the Google Graphing APIs

This all sounds very hard but it is not!