Forum server was down around 0100Z to 0200Z 07 February 2014


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Couldn't connect or ping the forum URL, but other related sites were up and running OK.


Technical Support
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Apologies for any inconvenience. We are not sure why that was the case and we were not aware of any scheduled server down-time but we have noted the issue.


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It happened again - the last post in this forum was at 02:56 so the forum must have gone down soon after that and not started working again until recently.


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Missed that Nick, but had looked in mid to late afternoon and thought that four posts from overnight was unusual.

Looking at the live forum, last post 2307 followed by around 1430 to 1500, so not good for the US late evening readers/posters or the Antipodes, saying nothing for those that stay up or get up. Half a day in anyone's book.

Good to note these things as it allows others to get a picture of things that they might otherwise miss. I'm sure that Technical and his chums will be on the phone for difficult question time with their hosting provider on Monday if it was unexpected. The promises of 'won't happen again", becoming more diminuendo with each re-occurrence. :)