forum Search function not always working?


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In almost all cases the forum search function seems to work properly (also with combinations of words), but there are a few exceptions: i cannot search the forum for I2C or SPI (no hits found), and maybe there are other words as well. Another strange thing is that if I search successfully on some keyword, I can then do the same search with the same keyword + I2C and then getting exactly the same amount of hits. Somehow the search function dislikes I2C, SPI etc. What are experiences on this forum?



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The forum is setup to only search on words of 4 letters or more. This is due to search engine optimisation - otherwise it caches lots of small words like 'and' 'it' 'a' 'the' etc. and becomes much, much slower.
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Is it not possible to just cache/index selected three character words ? The world of computing and electronics is full of three letter acronyms ( that even gets its own - TLA ) which would be very desirable to search on - ADC, DAC, I2C, LCD, LED, PWM, RAM, SPI etc, plus PICAXE variants, 08M etc.


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Neary 30 years ago I worked with Library of Congress indexing code with used an "exclude" list for "a", "and", "the", etc.--probably easier than setting up an "include" list which would have to be updated for each new acronym ("TLA") that is invented.