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Next week we will start the change over to our new forum structure.

Please note this is a complicated/lengthy procedure because almost 50,000 usernames/passwords and archive data for tens of thousands of posts needs to be converted to a completely different database format. However we are committed to ensuring all the years of useful archive data remains available - with a better search engine!

Therefore next week we will:
1) archive the existing active forums and backup the database. This will be the database data used for creating the new forum.
2) Create a new, temporary, forum for people to use here for a few days. This temporary data will not be immediately available in the new forum after the swap over (but will eventually be copied across in the future, when the new forum is up and running).
3) Transfer the data to the new database and then make the new forum active when swap over is complete.

All user passwords etc will remain unchanged in the new forum.

Thanks for your understanding whilst this process is being completed.

Michael 2727

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<b>FOR SALE </b>
1 x Pro set of ASCII Art pencils, component libraries, heaps of extras, Exc Cond, apply to me, <img src="wink.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>


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We wait until that !

BTW: The new forum structure will have one renewed Spanish home page too?



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As a time served pessimist - I feel a disaster looming :) - In case I never get logged on again - thanks for all the help Guys.



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<i>I'll never have to see ZX80 Ascii art again - relief! Please say it's true!! </i> <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> .---------------------------.
| No chance. Guaranteed ! |
.---_---. `---------------------------'
-| _ _ |- O
-| O O |- o
-| . |-
-| `---' |-
`-------' </font></pre></code>


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<b>ASCII art rules OK! </b> So long as we have the classic Picaxe editor,I for one will occasionally still include circuit layouts within the program listings.

Keystroke image creation is an enduring technique of course,even predating 1960's ASCII. On such a time scale Picaxe forums are a mere blink of an eye...

See =&gt;<A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> 1948 !
=&gt;<A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> 1939 !!


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ASCII art fans will be pleased to know that the [ code ] tag will still work in the new forum... :)