Fluke 21 Multimeter died.


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This site came up as a forum on the above Fluke. Touched it to an electric fence, and it's now dead. Did I burn it up? Thanks.
Everett Stiles
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Hello and welcome
check the schimatic it may well have a fuse that has blown worth a look at
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stay away from o_O electric fences
... or, figure out what kind of resistor divider you could have used to measure that fence voltage and stayed within the specs of your meter. :D


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First you need to know the peak voltage of the fence charger and the maximum input voltage of the Fluke. Unless you have a genuine technical need to know the exact voltage, a series string of neon bulbs (NE-2 or the like) needs about 90 volts per bulb to light it. For 2000 volts, that's 22 bulbs in series with a 100K resistor.

If you just need verification of voltage present, an NE-2 with a 2.2 megohm resistor will show voltage present, but so will a NE-2 held by the leads and the glass of the bulb touched to a fence wire. Best to have the resistor unless you're very careful with how close your fingers and the wire get to the fence ;-)


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We used to test an electric fence by touching it with a two foot long grass stem. If we didn't feel any thing at first, we then slid the grass to be closer and closer. Worked every time. Your mileage may vary.