FIND text suggestions


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When I use the FIND function in PE 6, the target is always shown on the bottom line of the display. I think I would find it more useful if the target was to show up near the middle of the display when that's feasible.
Maybe there's a setting for this already but I haven't found it?

Another minor niggle: would it be possible to ensure that the FIND popup window isn't obscuring the target after it's been found.



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I can't say for sure but the behaviour of Find may be part of the component for which a Find is actioned, which seems to be the same way Notepad and other apps do things.

That's the same for when the Find pop-up obscures the found text. I'm in two minds about moving the pop-up so it doesn't obscure any found text. Having to chase the pop-up around the screen to click on Find Next can be even more infuriating.

I would expect the 'don't move the pop-up, put lines where text is found at the bottom' behaviour has been deemed to be the most appropriate solution over the years so most apps and components follow that scheme.

One solution is to open the pop-up, hit Find, close the pop-up, then use the F3 key for Find Next.