file opening..strange things afoot

Peter M

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Hi All, when opening a file from a flash drive with the open icon at the top of the programming editor I got and older version of the file I opened (a few saves back). At first I thought maybe I didn't save my latest changes (positive I had), and had that sinking feeling, even though the time stamp on the file had the time I finished up last night.

so.... out of desperation I double clicked on the file from windows file manager (or whatever they call it these days), yes the same file I had opened from the programming editor, and when the new programming editor window finally appeared there was the file with all the recent changes.
yes I double checked the location I opened it from, even tried it again, twice. The PC i opened this on, does not have this current version on it anyway, it was written on a laptop.
I then tried reopening it on the new window of the programming editor, and, the proper version opened..... weird very weird. and now it opens properly on the original prog editor window i had open.???
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It does seem very odd. We haven't seen other reports of it.

When you say "The PC i opened this on, does not have this current version on it anyway, it was written on a laptop" I am am assuming you saved it to USB from your laptop then took the USB to another PC, opened it there and PE6 showed an older version, double-clicking on the USB file in explorer caused PE6 to show the latest version.

Though the PC does not have the latest version did it have the older version ?

I can only think it did and that was opened rather than the USB file, because I can't see where else it would have got the older version from.


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PE6 does not 'cache' any version of a file internally, when it opens a file the only place it can get the contents from is the actual saved file on disk.