electrolytic capacitor (e.g. 100uF)


After a long time I am starting (again) with the PicAxe chips.
As a starter I have purchased a PICAXE-08 PROTO BOARD KIT.
In the axe021.pdf I read:

2. Insert a PICAXE-08 or 08M micro-controller (purchased separately). If desired
an electrolytic capacitor (e.g. 100uF) may be soldered beside the battery clip
for voltage smoothing on noisy circuits.

Just to be sure, I think the 100uF has to be a 100nF.
Am I right?

Greetings from The Netherlands,
Henk Siewert
Hallo hippy,

OK, one 100nf is enough.
I am going to power the PROTO BOARD with a, home build, 3.3 Volt power board that is powered by a 12 Volt stabilized wall-wart.
So I think I do not install an extra capacitor.
I think 2 stabilized power units and an 100nF is more then enough stability...:)

Henk Siewert

I concur with Hippy, the one at the bottom of the board shoud be 100uF electrolytic.

There are some who say that a bulk capacitor as close, physically, as possible to the processor should always be added for extra stability. Having said that, RevEd don't always include one in the bag, even if there is space on the board! Depending on your application it might not matter, but if you experience strange behaviour with your board, I would stick one in to be safe.