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Hi All,

For some info before my question so you have a better understanding. I am connecting an RFID reader to a picaxe 20M2, I have successfully accomplished this and i am storing card numbers in eeprom, In my main program I include the writing to eeprom of these numbers but i am running out of chip memory. I cannot change chip for various reasons and was wondering to save space is there any way that i can perminently store the numbers in eeprom to save space in my program.

I have pasted the part of the program in question below.

POKE 30,0,0,0,4,4,6,2,7,7,6		'TAG1 (Master Tag)
POKE 40,0,0,0,4,4,2,7,1,2,9		'TAG2
POKE 50,0,0,0,4,4,4,9,9,3,3		'TAG3
POKE 60,0,0,0,4,4,4,9,3,8,6		'TAG4
POKE 70,0,0,0,4,4,6,2,8,0,4		'TAG5
Thanks in advance



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You are amazing, thanks for the help :p.

Once i finish my RFID Reader hack into the picaxe as an end product i will share with everyone.