Editor defaults to Blocky on startup.


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This should just be an issue of which desktop icon or Start Menu option you click on to launch PE6 ...

PICAXE Editor 6
Blockly for PICAXE (PE6)


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There are 6 programs listed in the search results. Three Blocky for Picaxe, Workspaces, Pipe Plugins, and Logicator.
Am I missing something??


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For me, from a DOS prompt, "dir /s \picaxeeditor.exe" tells me that it's in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution Education\PICAXE Editor". If you start Windows Explorer and navigate to there, when you see the file you should be able to right click on it and click "Create Shortcut" and follow any prompts to create it on your desktop. For me, clicking on that shortcut starts PE6 in basic mode. (I'm not sure how you normally start your programs--if you have a quicklaunch list you can put it on there.)