Editor 6 on Windows 10


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For a totally different device, I was recently forced to purchase a Dell laptop running Windows 10 (I generally run XP on a 20 year old laptop, or Unix on an HP server). After spending several days stripping out the bloat code that came with the new machine, reloading Windows, and getting everything to my satisfaction, I installed the latest revision of Picaxe Editor, rebooted, installed Microsoft Net 3.5, rebooted, installed the AXE-027 drivers, rebooted, and then successfully programmed a known good Picaxe 20M2, even using a forced power on reset. No problems, other than revision levels that were mis-reported by Microsoft.

The process was painless and worked as expected. For those having any issues with loading new software, drivers, or applications, don't hesitate to restart your computer after each and every installation. It generally does no harm, and can let the machine know that it has new data, instructions, and registry entries to deal with before the installation is successful. You may indeed have to install port drivers multiple times; once for each port, although this appears to be less common than previously.

Just a thought after my first new computer in, what, over 15 years? IMHO, Windows XP was the peak of Microsoft "operating systems". Going forward, I'd say some flavor of Linux (Ubuntu, for example), is the wave of the future.

Just my $0.02 worth, and kudos to Rev-Ed for what they do! Making their editor work across platforms, some of them ancient, is something that other code bangers could take a serious lesson from!


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Oh yes, xp the best thing, until you run something that is multi-threaded and you run into the awful core balancing of xp. But I suspect that most never run into issues with that.

But ryzen with 16 logical cores gets stuff done fast when the software allows use off all of them


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So far in my Picaxe tinkering, I have used the compilers only for Linux and that's fine for me. I do have a question though. Since the Picaxe Flagship IDE is written in .net and on 3.5, how hard would it be to get to compile under Mono? I suppose it may be a WPF app and that would be a nogo. I also know that the Dotnet core would not work for a desktop app.