Ebay relays


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My favorite DPDT relay is this tiny DPDT DIP type: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NAIS-TF2-5V-ATF209-ELECTROMECHANICAL-RELAY-NNB-/390881565723 That particularone is overpriced, I find them in lots of ten occasionally for much less.

It's a NAIS (or Aromat) TF2-5V. Polarized 312 ohm coil, coil current is only about 16 mA at 5V. Needs no driver transistor nor flyback diode. Can be driven directly by a Picaxe pin in an active low setup, watching coil polarity. Has internal flyback diode. Great for a tiny, minimum parts circuit. Can fit in an IC socket, breadboard, or solder it up.


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Thanks erco. Problem is with USA source, we always have crazy shipping prices. I'm happy with the ones I just got and ones on order for now. I agree DIP is a nice package, and not having a transistor/diode, and with low current consumption are good features, but for my general use what I have are good enough. Thanks for the updates.


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I am interested to see how reliable these turn out to be. A friend of mine who bought several thousand of a similar type found that a good percentage jammed in either state