driver missing for Download cable


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The download cable got plugged into my new Windows 10 machine (can't believe I did it again!!!) before getting the drivers.


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The AXE027 drivers will have to be installed by manual installation. This is described in the AXE027 manual where the Windows 8 installation applies to Windows 10 -

With PICAXE Editor 6 installed you can avoid downloading the drivers by using those provided and already extracted with PE6 which can usually be found in -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution Education\PICAXE Editor\USB Drivers\AXE027

Make sure the AXE027cable is connected and select Device Manager.

On Windows 10 right-click on the "My Computer" icon, select Properties, then follow the Device Manager link at the top left.

Do not use the Settings app or Control Panel / Devices and Printers as they may look a bit like Device Manager but are not, and don't so easily allow what needs to be done.

Select the AXE027 devices (probably those with yellow exclamation marks alongside them if none explicitly identified as AXE027), and click Update drivers.

Point Device Manager to the directory containing the drivers. The top level directory must be selected; the one containing the 'amd64' and 'i386' sub-directories.

Note that the installation is a two-step process as two drivers must be installed. If the second step is not completed then there will be issues in accessing the installed AXE027 cable. After installing the first driver look for any new exclamation marked devices.


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Thank you hippy!! Installed perfectly! Copied and pasted "C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution Education\PICAXE Editor\USB Drivers\AXE027" to the device manager "update driver" and it was done!

This post aught to be a sticky note at the top of the "Picaxe Editor Software" forum.:)