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I recently got a picaxe 08M2 and a ftdi programming cable. I downloaded the VCP drivers from and ran the installer. As soon as I click install, my computer started lagging. I luckily had task manager open and checked it. Before I started the install, I had 100-200 processes running, about average. After clicking install i had 500+ and the number was rapidly growing. I scrolled down and 90% of the processes were driver installers. Nothing would respond, so I had to do a hard shutdown (hold power button). Has anybody encountered this problem? Is it my crappy 4 year old laptop? Please help.


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Not quite sure what is going on there but which 'ftdi programming cable' do you have, which OS are you using and which driver did you install ?

We recommend our AXE027 USB download cable which is programmed differently to a standard FTDI cable, has a different VID/PID and has the serial signal polarity inverted.