Download circuit difficulty

I can program the PICAXE fine with the little "breadboard cable adapter", but can't get a PCB circuit to work. I laid the PCB out as in the Manual and the AXE027 manual, tested the connections, resistors, etc. I finally soldered in two hooks to pin 6 and 7 of the 28X2, use the little breadboard adapter, and it programs fine. I even switched out the female 3.5mm socket on the PCB, still no go. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
This is on a standard breadboard layout. Nothing on the back but the connecting copper busses. The yellow jumper at top left is to ground. The circuit works fine, just can't program with the 3.5mm jack. You might just be able to see the two pins sticking up out of the board from pins 6 & 7 of the PIC. They work to program with the little programming board from PICAXE. Regards:


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Good eye Buzby!

I was thinking the line to SERIN was in the wrong spot on the 22k / 10k pair, causing a voltage divider issue ... but that doesn't appear to be the case.
Thanks guys! That did it (connecting the pins D29 and D30 on the board). I didn't think it necessary, since they were connected when I tested with the ohmmeter, but, sure enough, the connection is broken when a plug is inserted. And, as inglewoodpete says, the connection is on the outer pin only.