Difference Between L293D and L298N Motor Driver

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  • L293D Motor Drivers Operates 4.5V to 36V whereas L298N can be Operates up to 46V
  • 600mA Current can be drawn through both channels of L293D whereas L298 can draw up to 2A from both channels.
  • L293 is quadruple motor driver uses half-H driver while L298 is dual full-H driver, i.e, in L293 all four input-output lines are independent while in L298, a half H driver cannot be used independently, only full H driver has to be used.
  • As L293 output current for each channel is 650mA whereas it is 2A for L298. Hence, the heat sink is provided in L298 motor drivers.
  • EMF is provided internally in L293D but must be provided externally in L298.
  • L293D is suitable for small current drawing motors like BO motor, DC geared motor up to 500 RPM and small stepper motor which takes less current than 600mA at their highest torque rating. Whereas L298N Motor Drivers has the advantage of higher output current up to 2A which suitable for high torque and high RPM motors like Johnson motors and DC Geared motors
Although these drivers are very popular in Makers community, it has some limitations like no short circuit, reverse polarity and overheats protection. There are many more driver available at robu.in with these features but they as little costlier as compared to these drivers.
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Seems to be spam but I left it with links removed because it's technically useful information.


L293Ds are has-beens. When I changed mine for a TB6612 on my buggy, it was as if I'd put in new batteries.