Development board that plugs directly into USB port


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There are no PICAXE boards like that, nor any boards which have a direct USB interface on them, which we produce.

The main obstacle to having such a board is they, as you suggest, would need to include the USB-to-Serial interfaces on them and that would make the cost of boards prohibitive.


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It is somewhat of a good idea, but as Hippy said, the cost to produce outweighs the benefit.

You can effectively achieve the same thing using an AXE027 USB to 3.5mm Download Cable and an AXE029 Breadboard Adaptor. Yes this does include a lead (which you wanted to avoid) but unless you had a perfect match (height wise) between USB Port position and the breadboard, then you are very likely to put a great deal of pressure on the USB Port and its contacts. The lead gives plently on flexibility and strain relief.


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I maybe so bold as to suggest a hack. take a AXE027, either shorten the lead or solder correctly directly to the board of you desire, then hot glue to two together.

While on the face of thing this looks like a great idea, unless your computer is on the desk you have some USB extension to the desk (which defeats the no cable idea) its going to be a pain to do much development work with it down near the floor.
A project like this is certainly doable for someone who wants a direct plug-in PICAXE module. As hippy intimates, not commercially viable. Mount an FTDI SMD on one side of the board and an SMD 08M2 on the other.

Where there's a will there's a way. It reminds me of the "14X2" module that I made for a particular purpose several years ago, when we only had the 256-byte 14M.


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That's incredible... there's a Chinese Ebay seller offering ATTINY85 boards for USD$1.50!

There's another cheap ATTINY dev board with USB adapter and 8-pin DIP socket. An 08M2 sure would look great plugged in there, but it wouldn't do too much.

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