Data logging LC512

tim griff

Dear Forum,

I'm want to log weather station data over 7 eeprom on the picaxe datalogger board.

The wizard addresses each chip using i2c 0 to 16283 for the LC256. Is it as simple as editing the code to 0 to 32535 when using LC512?

I understand the need to set set slave address.

I also want to address the memory using hour minute date month. My thoughts are

address = (date x 120) +( hour x 5) + (minute/15) I only want to record every 15mins so min will only be 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 . I can easily decode the address in excel to derive the time the data was recorded
Each month you add 4000 to the address . I now this method has gaps( I have written a macro to strip out blank lines) in the data , but no clashes(I think!).

------- any thoughts.

Thanks Tim