Counter of a flowmeter.


Hi everyone. i've working with picaxe but i never got into BASIC, so i just program in the flowchart.

i have a flow meter IR-OPflow wich sends push-pull output signals. My FM is the size/type 5 with makes 450 pulses/L.

I would like some help in how to make a counter for 9000pulses.

FM datasheet
View attachment technical_page_brochure.pdf

Thanks Picaxe comunnity
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I think the problem is that no one really knows what question you are asking, what result you want to achieve, what problem you are having or are trying to solve.

I wasn't particularly sure what this meant ...

because a counter only goes to 255 i initialy made a decision based program that counts to fractions of the total value (9000pulses for i.e: 150*30*2=9000).


at least someone explained it to me. Im not a english guy so sorry for my mistakes.

I would like to know how to make a counter for push-pull signals!! when i made the flowsheet i found a counter block but its says it only counts to 255. maybe im wrong but thats why iam asking how can i do it.

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"push-pull" only means that the signal can both source and sink current. That is, you do not need to use a pull-up or pull-down resistor.
I'm not very familiar with using flowsheet so cannot advise but I would use the BASIC command COUNT to count the pulses over a period of time. Then do whatever maths is required to calculate the actual flow rate.
In PICAXE BASIC you can have word variables which can count to 65535. If flowsheet only lets you count to 255, then simply reduce the time period of the count to prevent a count overflow. Alternatively, explore using pulsin to determine the period of the pulse and calculate flow from the reciprocal of period.


thank you very much. iam going to onvert m flowsheet into basic and try to understand better the language in order to explore the max of the comand count.